We are always interested in hearing from potential new vendors for future seasons. If you would like to participate at our market, please be sure to read about MCWFM selling criteria, then fill out the information form for prospective sellers (available here).

On the information form, please provide us with detailed information about your farm or specialty food business so that we may better help you. We get multiple requests each season from bakers and other food processors who wish to sell at our market, but our space for these products is limited. We are especially interested in products made from local farm ingredients that do not compete with, or duplicate, the value-added products made by the farmers themselves. The more detail you can provide about your products, exactly where you source your main ingredients, your price points, where you currently sell, your booth set up, labeling, etc, the better our ability to help you when you inquire about available space.

We sincerely appreciate your interest. Please note that because we get more inquiries than we can accommodate, we do not have room for all types of products. Our priority is to provide space to local farms. For further information please contact us by email at farmerchef@gmail.com.
Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market