Update: We are still accepting applications to be a vendor at the 2016/2017 MWFM, however almost every new applicant will be put on a waiting list.  We currently have enough produce, meat, eggs, cheese, bakery, sweets, and hot prepared foods represented with our current vendors.  Filling out an application does help us get familiarized with your business, which we appreciate.  Note that all applicants should be local food or farm vendors to be considered.  

2016/2017 Vendor Applications can be found by clicking this LINK

This is an online application, so once you've completed it online, it is submitted.  You will receive email confirmation that we have received your application within a week. 

Our market honors seniority, product variety & diversity, distance to market, and community representation.  We get more applications from farms and businesses every year than we can accept into the market.  We want to help people eat local longer, so we certainly are looking for local farms and businesses that can help us meet our vision.  We are especially interested in products made from local farm ingredients that do not compete with, or duplicate, the value-added products made by the farmers themselves.