The Milwaukee County Winter Farmers’ Market (MCWFM) is a nonprofit organization, guided by a seven person board of directors. The mission of the Market is to promote local, sustainable agriculture; increase economic opportunities for small family farms and innovative food businesses; provide equitable access to wholesome food; and build a vibrant gathering place for metro Milwaukee residents and visitors. Our 35 weekly vendors live within 90 miles of a well-situated, indoor venue at the Mitchell Park Domes. There, agricultural vendors offer high quality fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, poultry and dairy products. Local food vendors also bring a wide variety of freshly baked goods, jams, cider, honey, maple syrup, sorghum, sauces and soups, as well as delicious ethnic cuisine.
Five years ago, the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association sponsored the initial development of the MCWFM and secured a sunny location originally at the Tommy Thompson Youth Center. The seeds they generously planted have blossomed into a well-attended, highly regarded farmers’ market that runs from November through mid April.

"The Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market offers a convenient location and a great variety of vendors that ensures a steady stream of customers. But it's more than just a successful market from a business perspective. The market is also staffed by a manager and volunteers that help keep the market running smoothly and help foster a welcoming environment that we, and customers, feel every Saturday. It's a good place to be on even the chilliest mornings." - David Kozlowski, co-owner of Pinehold Gardens

Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market